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When you aim to sew the pearls of success in your mind, that is the time when you are 100% capable for pursuing any career, but if you need someone to motivate you, Than you are not yet 100% sure about your success. Capalities to stand up and start something new are build up when you know how to EMPOWER URSELF. For you ladies, Nothing is big or small, good or bad, Everything have there merits and ...

Let’s be on Top by Mansi Singh

Mansi Singh Aligarh UP Insta ID @singhmansi_15


Hey, is there is any difference between boy and girl? Each and every girl at some path wanted to be a boy,so that life become easy. My question to all the girls why?? Just think and answer….. So,you want to be a boy,just bcoz our society is a “Male Dominating”society!! Dear the God give birth to us,he makes each of us equal because we girls are also his children!! Just think who ...

Are you a classywoman?

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It’s time to change people’s mentality

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Another video is our by our classy follower @harpreetkaur11133. Instagram (…) Must watch her motivational video. Don’t forget to share your views in comments.

Fight for your dreams, Time to take stand

No one will fight for your dreams Girl You have to Fight for your dreams Mansi Singh Aligarh UP Insta ID @singhmansi_15


I lie under the open sky the clouds all around, the mountains-high the wind that touches my face seems to convey the message of faith…. the far reaching sky seems to reach me, its stretches- ” infinity and beyond” trying to teach matter how infinitely far everything is, it’ll reach you or you will reach it as long as you keep up the bond the bond with dreams, the bon...

Are you a classywoman ??

Most people believe that classy means fashionable or sophisticated. But we have some different opinion about it. A girl or woman who illuminates the dark paths of others without any hope of to be rewarded is classy… A girl or woman who removes the pall of ignorance from the dark spirits is classy… A girl or woman who helps and supports the needy with whatever sources she has is classy&...

Be the Real You.. Classy you – Ayesha (Bangladesh)

Ever got frustrated thinking who’ll be your life partner someday? Have you ever felt like you are useless? Though feminism has grown up-to the sky you are still sitting home young lady. You could have seen the whole world with your eyes, with your mind. But you keep them close because you lack of confidence sometimes. Why leave your parents being liability even in the century where women rig...