Motivational Poems


When you aim to sew the pearls of success in your mind, that is the time when you are 100% capable for pursuing any career, but if you need someone to motivate you, Than you are not yet 100% sure about your success. Capalities to stand up and start something new are build up when you know how to EMPOWER URSELF. For you ladies, Nothing is big or small, good or bad, Everything have there merits and demerits. In order to make a shiny future, firstly you have to encourage URSELF, EMPOWER URSELF and the day when u will achieve the capabilty of self empowerment, it will b the day when you will be on cloud nine and everyone else will be beneath you . 😊 You dont need to promise anybody, just promise URSELF that you are one among trillion CLASSY stars, who are SHINING with there self made glamour s...


I lie under the open sky the clouds all around, the mountains-high the wind that touches my face seems to convey the message of faith…. the far reaching sky seems to reach me, its stretches- ” infinity and beyond” trying to teach matter how infinitely far everything is, it’ll reach you or you will reach it as long as you keep up the bond the bond with dreams, the bond with screams the dreams that make you stronger and its screams telling you “NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!” – lubaina surury poetry by @poetries.lubs or @lubaina_surury