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Let’s be on Top by Mansi Singh

Mansi Singh Aligarh UP Insta ID @singhmansi_15

Are you a classywoman?

Are you a classywoman? Watch this video and check out. Thanks Anjali Rajput for sharing your thoughts with us. Instagram @ anathakur07. Follow us on Instagram @classywomenn  

It’s time to change people’s mentality

One more video is out by our classy follower @harpreetkaur11133 (instagram) Follow us on Instagram @classywomenn. Girls.. You can also submit your video to us.. Mail us for more details.


Another video is our by our classy follower @harpreetkaur11133. Instagram (…) Must watch her motivational video. Don’t forget to share your views in comments.

Fight for your dreams, Time to take stand

No one will fight for your dreams Girl You have to Fight for your dreams Mansi Singh Aligarh UP Insta ID @singhmansi_15

Be the Real You.. Classy you – Ayesha (Bangladesh)

Ever got frustrated thinking who’ll be your life partner someday? Have you ever felt like you are useless? Though feminism has grown up-to the sky you are still sitting home young lady. You could have seen the whole world with your eyes, with your mind. But you keep them close because you lack of confidence sometimes. Why leave your parents being liability even in the century where women rights are reforming? You could have being as asset which would have make people think twice before losing you.Hey pretty lady you are full of fire. Your passion for your vision is going to burn out all the shackles and troubles on the path of your success.So be the real you, the brave you , the strong you and yeah the classy you. Thank you for watching Ayesha (Bangladesh)