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    Shiny bollavarapu

    Wanna be an independent women..

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    To become one of the best dentists in the world

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    Sharandeep kaur

    The ultimate goal of my life is to become successful in my career and be a independent woman. Want to work in MNC on a reputed position and most importantly i want to gift a house to my parents as from last 8 years we are living on rent.

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    I want to become professor and lead a carefree life . Want to roam the entire world with my own money. Also Want to buy a house and Audi with my own investments…..

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    Financially independent,to make my parents proud,to travel the world and want to help poor children to get education and basic necessities.

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    zeisha khan

    my aim is to live a independent life in south korea with my life partner away from my families !

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    want my own business….my own gym and a very successful woman

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    Umme farwah

    In sha Allah I Wanna own an island at Maldives and also own a Lamborghini and go for a long drive and (view the sunrise)just to give me feel that yeahh I nailed itπŸ€—πŸ˜Ž
    General quote – never underestimate the power of a girl especially independent one and more specifically a hijabi one…✌

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    Dhanavati Singh Rajput

    To become financial free and give all happiness to my beloved parents they deserve

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    Yushly service

    to be become a successful home improvement company, Still we lead in services like Washing machine repair in Chandigarh mohali area.

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    Sakshi sangale

    My ultimate goal is to became docter… To make my father proud…because my father is everthing for me i wanna do something for him…

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    Meenal jain

    Wants to become successful and most popular fashion designer. Along with it a daughter to be proud on .

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    Vidhi jain

    Want to be a successfull women want to be a successful IAS officer want to inspire many other girls also want to be a good daughter

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    My ultimate goal of my life is to make my parents proud and give them the lavish life that they even cant imagine just to love them this only can done by having an independent women with her own money of her own.

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    Harsha thakurdasani

    My goal is to be an actor and to travel a whole world bcoz

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