Letting go and moving on

A thought over Letting go and moving on

I was sitting in a park, still thinking about the day I lost him. Yes, my boyfriend died in an accident and it’s been three years but the memory is still as fresh as running water. And why wouldn’t it be. He was the best person in my life. He made me feel so special and wanted ,and trust me when I say that these are the only things a girl looks in her soulmate for. Yes! He was my soulmate and I know my life won’t be wholesome again. I could never move on. I still can never go on a date with some other guy even when my friends have begged with their heart and soul.

As I was going through the bullwark of these thoughts in my mind,a rather old couple crossed by me and sat next to me. I recognised the lady immediately. She was from my neighborhood. I remember that her husband had died a few months back and I visited her with my mom to offer my condolences.Soon, the guy she was here with bid her farewell and went off with a small peck on her cheeks.She took a rather serious look towards me and gestured me to sit next to her and I did. We sat in silence for a few minutes and without thinking,the words came out of my mouth. “Are you in love again?” Her eyes shined with a gleam and she said “yes,I believe I am”. I know I should’ve stopped there but I went on “What about your late husband? Don’t you think about him?” As on cue, her eyes bore into mine and I could see a flicker of pain but she spoke with utter sincerity “That’s the thing about love sweety. You never stop loving a person. You never remove them from a special place in your heart. They will always be there, no matter how many people you end up meeting and loving along the way and that’s not a bad thing.
I asked “it’s not?”
She smiled. “It makes us stronger”
And then it dawned on me. I was stuck with my past because I did not want someone to replace him. I did not want someone to take his place or make me feel things he did. But now, I am ready because I know nothing and no one will ever replace him. That’s the thing about moving on. You let go of the person but not their memories. You treasure them in your heart and make space for each and everyone that is going to touch your life in any way. So wear your heart on your sleeve and let go. The future holds some promise.

Author:- Aayushi
IG- Attraversiamo413

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