achieve your destination

Be a courageous warrior to achieve your destination

Reach your destination
With your atmost dedication

Don’t worry if the world says you can’t
Instead, say to yourself why can’t I

Work for it day in and out
Until you say I am proud

Don’t stop until you work gets finished
Keep working , not like you are being punished

Say to yourself
I will eventually reach my destination
No matter how hard it gets
No matter how impossible it seems
No matter how far it is
I will reach my destination with my atmost Dedication

Let the word impossible be in
the dictionary
Remember you are revolutionary

Keep heading forward
Don’t dare to look backward

World will tell you are fool
Don’t dare to listen, stay cool

Keep improving, Keep winning today
Not from others but from the person you were yesterday

Reach your destination
With your atmost dedication!!

Author :-  Sakshi Rastogi

IG :- @saaras_.poetry


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