Be Courageous Be Yourself

Be Courageous, Be Yourself, Let the World Judge You

Courage is a small word with seven alphabet a deep meaning to wonder. In a simple definition, it means,”To be Brave.” However, if you asked me what courage is I would simply say it’s ”BEING YOURSELF”BEING YOURSELF” simply means to overcome the fear of being judged, judged by people, judged by society.

The world is unlimited for those who desires, and what matters is your willingness to achieve it. Be courageous, face these people, show them they don’t have right to judge you, you are what you are, no one can change you, no matter what. Aim high, be determined, try hard, and you will surely take over the throne. Talking about the courage of a woman. In my opinion, each and every woman in the world is courageous.

A woman as a mother, a wife, a sister and a daughter. Women compromise sacrifices many of her wish, her dreams for the people she loves. Have you ever thought why does she sacrifice or even compromises? Just to gain respect and love, so give her love and respect, and she will sacrifice every inch of her. Yes! That is women, and that’s her courage. Woman dare to be yourself.”speak loudly and challenge people.” It’s really important for us to speak out , challenge people to show what we can do. It may be hard,but it’s never IMPOSSIBLE.

American psychologist Rollo May says,” The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice….it is conformity.” There are rules and laws set by our society the one who tries to go against it is considered a rebel, but the fact is our true courage live within us, our values and principle stay within us. So, don’t give society a right to judge and even if they judge, do not care because they won’t be with us during the time of our struggle, but surely the will bow before us when we succeed.

Simple, make an attitude towards this double face society, “ judge me ! I don’t care. I have the incredible power of believing in myself.” Do whatever you want to do, be yourself. Nothing is more natural than being what you are, and who you are. To achieve the success you must believe in yourself, ability, skills, and yourself.

Author:- Pooja Upadhyay

IG:- @inner.soul


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