Be Unique, Be Brave, Be happy and Be a hero of your life

Be Brave Be happy Women

The life of women are same as man. What they should do extra is just some chore, bleed 7 days a month, have baby in her womb for 9 months, feed her after that. This is the only extra things a woman do. These all are her uniqueness. We women are tried as equal to man, but we forget that we are much superior to them. She forgot these uniquenesses that a man can’t even experience.

We must fix our crowns or the swords and let’s face each and every problem of our life. We should face our problems because no one going to take stand for us.
REMEMBER this. No one.

Let’s let the world speak about you. It’s their job not yours. Just keep your head at top, and your mind calm and be patient.
Many time you have to face the situation alone when no one is going to take stand, you have to be strong for that moment. Many times you will feel alone for that moment you have to be strong. Strong doesn’t mean you can’t cry, you should CRY, it makes you stronger. But when you are in any difficult situation remember that this is last, this is end, from that moment you have to stand straight wipe your tears and step up for a new and beautiful life.

Author :- ASNA SAIDI.

IG @iamasnasaeedi


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