quotes about a classy woman

Best quotes about a classy woman

* Stop pretending to be trapped with your past
Start to architect your future.

* The most riches in your life is a heartful of love with an ear ready to listen and a hand willing to help not just a head full of knowledge

* Sweet and sunflowers with lovers
Sweet and sunflowers with haters – Yh sis!!
Why bother to swing your moods with someone who doesn’t respect you?

*  Zero fucks from anyone if your pockets are empty.
Millions in your bank accounts…… HOLY SHIT!!
Millions of fuckers are chasing behind you!!!

* I was only 15 , I BOOKED him , kept him aside and put my books first
Today I’m 24 and we book hotels together.

* One day I want to earn those millions and say ” Lets fly to USA for those medicines” to my daddy.

* Being judgmental and keeping those comments to yourself is nothing wrong , because now that you have judged them you know whats more better.

* Boss yourself and walk out your fine ass with your chin up to learn whats classy is

* Nothing feels better and relaxed than owning the BEST things in your life sis!

* Wt? You wanna become a millionaire?
Oh yeahh sure thingg…
Put your books FIRST and lock down everything else or it might be just a day dream while you mop the office floors.

Name : Manthi De Silva
Insta ID : thirteenth_walker