Career VS Family , What should a girl choose??

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  1. I don’t know why but maybe it’s the conditioning done in India through the years and also by looking at my own parents relationship with more of compromise where my mom actually really has to stay just because of her daughter’s future and with the idea of compromising with each other, the thought of marriage scares me alot. No deny I love my parents the most and want to really be successful as I am the only child and by God’s grace have everything to be grateful for which makes me want to do more work harder and gain recognition as an independent and successful girl. I believe my Parents have such unconditional love for me that they have been together and been so there in building me, where also I have taken my own decisions always. But when I look at this society I feel very scared by the thought of marriage though I haven’t reached the age but still I feel very happy at this point of time where I am not searching for any partner rather focusing on my career and being with my family. As a daughter I would want to always be there with my family. By family I mean my parents where I will make them proud and happiest with my accomplishments and also always being available for them. So it is also one of the thought that occurs that do this marriage thing let the girls do all this? I know I can and I will and I won’t let marriage be a hurdle in anything that I want to do in life. Be it taking decisions or fulfilling all those aspirations. The thing that matters the most in my life is my Parents keeping them happiest and my career working on myself in order to improve.

  2. That’s absolutely right
    I also don’t want to do marriage at all as I’ve also seen the same situation of my parents. My mother is there only for me though we are two brother and sister but my parents and especially my mother concerns about me more than my brother and that’s why I also don’t want to mess my life by doing marriage in my future
    I want to do something big for my parents so that they can proudly say ‘see that’s our daughter’

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