cheaper thrill of the life

Cheaper thrill of the life – the “DREAMS”, at a huge height.

Life will become boring if imagination gets over. All day of hard work, gets to the bed, a time for yourself. Away from your job, when silence falls on your ear, knocking your door, a dream of choice come when you close your eyes. Childhood is back when you imagine the fun you had.

In the darkness, a bright light shines, taking you to the paradise.

I choose a life of my choice, different from today, tomorrow and yesterday. Where time is my slave, do the work as I say.
World is not at all harsh. I am a classywomen with an original class.

Attitude and arrogance is away from my heart. Simplicity is full of modern villas.

Suddenly, the clock rang, it’s already “SIX” saying me to get ready for a big bang. Your day will be busy enough, to create an another dream. After all its the only time to make them true and surely they will be.

Author : Kritika Raj
Insta id : Author swords

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