Difficulties and Happiness : Enjoy your struggle

Difficulties and Happiness : Enjoy your struggle

She stood there in darkness all by her own, nobody to hold her hand and none to offer a shoulder on which she could cry and lighten her heart, she felt helpless at that a very instance, and she felt weak, vulnerable and tender of her feelings and emotions.

She stood there glancing at the sunset, and just then she decided to rise. Rise as the sun would after setting every day. It was the motivation that she took from the sun to rise, but never set/fall weak ever again. She gave all her time to her life’s priority and the first one being her happiness. She wiped off her tears and stood up. Decided never to cry or fall apart again.

And there we all stood as women who have been through so much in life, came across many hardships, and were left all alone by our own without any help. But though here we stand same as the girl who used as shy, she stood for herself and turned it into her strength, she found her strength and built it into an empire, and that empire gave her all the happiness which she craved for. Everyone is supposed to make difficult decisions in life, but any decision which helps you build your dream is the one which is going to give you the happiness that is worth the difficulties. Focus on your dreams, go ahead, and make these difficulties your real happiness.

Author :- Kanchan Gupta


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