sad classywomen

Don’t let society define who you are

Who am I
Am l a human or an object
Am l a burden or a piece of shit
I don’t know who am I
I just know I am someone
Whose choices are defined by society
someone whose dress length defines her
the one always at fault when something
wrong happens
The one who’s not supposed to raise her
The one who’s perpetually asked to make
The one who’s work ain’t Valued
The one who is meant to be beautiful in a
materialistic way
The one deprived of opportunities
I just know am someone who is ought to
obey certain rules since the birth
I was never able to define myself but these
rules define me
If I obey them I am perfect
And if I go against them or break them I get
really absurd titles
I don’t know who am I but little I know is am
fortuitous as I wasn’t killed like many

Author insta ID @aditipatel1588

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