Dusky is beautiful, sexy and most appealing

Dusky is beautiful, sexy and most appealing

Many of us Love Black colour like black watch, black car, black suit ,black phonecase but anyone
May be some of us can say “Yes ” but surely no one want actually to have black skin tone.
You know why? Because  Someone with a lighter complexion is considered to be more beautiful or valuable than someone with dark skin.
Often people associate beauty with lighter skin. This is especially evident in children. “When i was 10yr old, once my classmates told me that you were not took lunch with us because you are dirty”.No one have idea how it feels.
This belief that Beauty lie in white skin has led dark-skinned children to feel inadequate in who they are and inferior when compared to people with lighter skin.
This is common in children. I have wonder that after passing childhood age some of us still have same mentality about skin colour. Especially in girl of  teenage , It find that they want to look fair. For fullfil their desire they use enhancer, lighting products and many more.
“Why you are not understand Dear, We are Girls and  We are Born Beautiful”. If you want to use this product so use with same tone as your skin is.
Thats it.
Although, I am aware with this title “Dark is beautiful” from my books.
You know what, “Books Are Enough to Build Strong and Holy Character”.
You need to accept yourself as you are and then you can see  “IT GOING TO PROVED A KEY TO EMPOWER YOURSELF“.
Believe that appearance is nothing if you have standard, class and confidence.
Last but not least, You have to know this:-
“Courage behind paralyzed legs.
Intelligence behind non sense questions.
Golden heart behind Dark skin, exist.❤️

Only , you need a eyes to see them.”

Author:- Mugdha Upadhyay
Insta id :-@mugdha_upadhyay

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