poem on gender equality

Feel and concise – “FREEDOM”, you have to be wise.


Since, 1947 to 2020,
Happiness and sentiments playing match like T20.

Divided by cast, colour, religion and cread.
“FREEDOM ” is just word we don’t know how to heal.

You are a “GIRL”, he is a “BOY”.
You are not allowed cars, play with the toys.

My “DAUGHTER” has the freedom, she can do whatever she wants.
But can’t go out of the house after 6, although she wants.

My “SON” is in limits, he is a good boy.
Then why are the girls unsafe even in the days.

Understand the word “FREE” and get it “DONE”.
Until that no one gets the “FREEDOM”.


INSTA ID : captiosus kitty


    • Tnx….. plz keep us encouraging us ….. your comments below our articles are the blessings which tell us to keep on moving. Thank you so much.

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