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Female entrepreneur made 4 crores Turnover in 2 years – Jhansi Rani Vedachalam

Skincare industry has grown exponentially in India in the past few years as people have become more aware of healthy and glowing skin., Still, there are very few names that are trustworthy and Jiore is one of them. Founded by Jhansi Rani Vedachalam, Jiore became popular with simple tactics- keeping product quality superior and always being flexible to change according to the feedback of customers. Jiore has made a turnover of Rs. 4 crores in just 2 years. The brand expects a better success rate in the coming days as customers are satisfied with the products and services and are spreading the word with their knowns heoing th brnd to grow. Recently, we got a chance to know the journey of Jhansi. Let us understand what barriers she faced and how she conquered them in her own words.

How was your childhood? Share some of the things you remember.

I felt really ugly as a child, We grew up in North Chennai; I was the only brown child with lots of dark spots & Pimples in my family. There were a lot of times when children made me feel like we were not pretty & my self-confidence was literally screwed. I overcame those insecurities by focusing more on sports like boxing & hockey which made my skin worse during the school day.

Before Jiore, what did you pursue professionally?

I started my profession in IT. Worked for many IT corporations like Microsoft, Workdbank IBRD & Visa. Though my professional career was taking of well I didn’t get through of my Insecurities with my skin.

How did your parents react when you told them about quitting a well-settled job?

When I told my parents that I am gonna quit and learn cosmetology , My parents were like, ‘Oh god, this girl, She has gone crazy, Why would anyone wanna quit Microsoft& Start making soaps’”

Despite parental skepticism, the decision has more than paid off: Jiore Skincard grew to within a short period of time. Much of that growth came through leveraging of Instagram, where we have 205k followers.

Why has been the success formula for Jiore According to you?

Jiore focuses on authentic customer feedback. From the initial days, we posted what the customers are feeling about our products, which eventually led to customers telling other customers how they felt about products. Shared their before & After pictures.
When you give your customers the quality product they want they automatically refer you to all their friends & Families. Thats our marketing strategy which worked well for Jiore.

What are some challenges you face as a Female Entrepreneur?

I face a lot of challenges as a woman doing business in India where Jiore has started. Even today, when we are in meetings and people refuse to acknowledge me as CEO, and were making eye contact with my business operations Head Mr.Rajith Kumar, who is a good friend of mine. And I’m like, ‘No no, don’t look at him. You have to convince me.
People will see all of this glam, and they make so many assumptions on that. They assume that you can’t be beautiful and be serious, be a serious entrepreneur and have a dream bigger”

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