God create someone special to raise us.

God create someone special to raise us

God can’t go to door-to-door houses in rows and take cares their every children.
So,he created someone special;
That one who always sacrifice for you,
If there is two slices of pizza,she divides it into their children and if you’ll ask her “And what’s for you?”, she decline and says she don’t like pizza, she even sacrifice if that is her favourite food or not.
That one who,when you were suffering from mild fever,she skips her whole night sleep.
And,when she is suffering from high fever,then also she cooks food for her children because she thinks:”If she will rest, what’ll my child eat.”
That one who, will always with you, in every small and big decision.
Someone,who not live for herself, but she live for her children because her children is her first priority then herself.
Someone, who tries harder and harder to give her children a lots of happiness as much as possible.
And, this great angel, we called her,so called mum.
Our words are too limited to express a mother.
Let’s give a big salute to all the mothers.
Happy mother’s day πŸŽ‰πŸ˜„β€οΈ

Author :- Ayushi Mani
Insta ID:- the.dicey_smokeyeyes


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