build up strong

He broke me to build up strong

I was like a pond…..
Trees are grown up now…..
And the shrubs seems more bushy than before….
I was remainded in the so-called name POND

Frustration burns me….
In comparison to the sea….
Wondering what the hell is life treating me….
At the while,

‘He’…..The one who found me as a pond
‘He’…..The one who built me into fountain
‘He’…..The one who filled me with the water “LOVE”
‘He’…..The one who made me attractive through his lust
‘He’…..The one who made me fell in love as rain
At last,
‘He’…..The one who broke me with his hammer
‘He’…..The one who is like a nightmare now

But I’m healing just because of my MOM builds up me as a DAM

In the world where everyone blabbering “no one cares, fake friends, fake people “…
I’m wondering how this person always available for me to support…

Simply……..”MOM’S LOVE”

Author :- Afreen fasith. M
IG : afreen fas


  1. wow Awzme fantastic fabulose 😍😍😍

    … enneoru Kavithaii – Solle varthaigall ellaii
    meretitinge sister
    ongele pooll kavithai eluthe oruthange poranthuthaa varenumβ™₯β™₯

    veryy welL

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