In the life of beautiful garden I had been thrown out of it as a useless seed. I found myself isolated in a roadside. As the rain showers me and the sun smiles at me, I started to grow up with the help of sun kisses and rain hug. There was no one to give company for me so I grew alone. Once I had been grown, they are different kind of living things starts commenting me.

Some birds think me as useless, as I can’t produce any fruits for them to eat. Some birds thank me for their survival and stayed with me forever. Some humans took a shelter as they pass by and stay with me only for some period of life. Some people hate me as I’m a road blocking tree which causes trouble for them. Some people praise me for giving pleasant breeze.

Someone questioned me, how you can stand strong and dance in the breeze to the song of birds after a heavy Cyclone?

It’s because of roots which act as a self confidence in oneself, which lead me to be bold and strong enough to face the world. Without self-confidence,it’s highly impossible to achieve anything in life. No matter what we have done, always there will be a group of people who will criticize us. So never allow other criticism to enter into the root of your life. Don’t feel bad if someone rejects you for “what you are”, they may not know the value of you by today. But one day will come where they will understand who you are, so be proud to stand alone strongly as me (tree) and never mind what others think of you. It’s time to understand that others perspective doesn’t define what we are. So stay same for everyone because it’s not our fault how others see us. Be unique and stay strong to face the problems in life. Never ever give up at any situation. I may shed the leaves, but never shed self confidence in me. Just be proud to stand alone strongly to face the world with a big smile on it.

Name: Thilagavathi S
Insta ID: thilahavathis


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