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I know that there are many people who respect and know to protect girls. But do you think is that enough? Through this article I just want to keep infront of you all a very harsh truth of our country.

We all are familiar with the word,”RAPE”- a very common term which is used mostly in our country INDIA. This is the country in which women’s are prayed for 9 days and the remaining 356 days they are treated like that they are not even humans. Rape in our country is like an animal catching its prey because in the last few years man has truly become an animal. He thinks that if he doesn’t rape a girl,the purpose of his life would not be fulfilled.

It would not be wrong to say that being a ‘Developing country’, India has also become a “RAPIST COUNTRY”. It is trying develop itself in other fields but it has surely developed in raping girls.

Let’s leave the country, I just want to know who is this SOCIETY? You,me or the people who just sit and talk nonsense because according to them there point of view is must. But do you know at the end of the day the thinking of the society makes the thinking of the country.

We surely have become modern and are completely against of this thing. But do you know somewhere someone is always pinched by the thought that the girl is responsible for everything.

I am not blaming anyone because there are boys and people who support girls in this tough situation of there life. According to you what is our country lacking in this dark side? The answer will be in the next part of this article.

Author:-Β  Manwi
Insta ID:- ktanushree0507


  1. Maam this is so true being a female yes we r even safe in our homes now and the places we live Or work but still r the blamed one .

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