In my previous part of the article, I had asked you what is our country lacking in this dark side and today I have come up with the answer. I know many of you will agree with me on this point.

We all know that there is SECTION 376 in our constitution which states that,” the person who commits rape, shall be punished with rigorous imprisonment of either description for a term which shall not be less than seven years.” But do you think that 7 years are enough ? The mental pain,the torcher through which that girl has gone through can easily be covered in 7 years.

According to me it’s NO because that day of her life will remain with her always. How can you say that the person who committed this crime will be totally changed?How can you say that after being imprisoned for 7 years, there will not be another rape?How can you say that the rape will be finished in our country after 7 years?

The answer will come,”we don’t know.” If this 7 years were enough then NIRBHAYA and her parents didn’t have to wait for almost 8 years to get the proper justice. Why there was encounter of Dr. PRIYANKA REDDY’S rapists? Because the police also knew that this case was also going to delayed for many years.

If the constitution really wants to give real justice to girls, bring the rapists infront of the country and make them suffer through the same pain and torcher through which that girl had suffered. This will make that people or person realise that if he is going to do this then he has to be ready for the results.

You all know what that these people don’t have female in there houses . Even if they have,they behave in the same way with them also. Because there are many homes in which girls is being raped by there own family members.

The way today our country is fighting together from the virus,I just want the same way the country should together fight for the justice of girls.

At last I would conclude my article by just saying that, “No more candle march and no more tears. Make this tears your weapon and put pressure on the constitution and the government until and unless,they make a hard law for this devils and strictly follow it. ”

I know that again same thing will happen and our country will not do anything but let’s keep trying and pray that nothing more happens like this. Because you never know God may listen to you and help you πŸ™‚.

Author:-  Manwi
Insta ID:- ktanushree0507