Laments of a drunkard

Laments of a drunkard – A Rhapsody

“The craters are etched like deep scars on you, high above the crust you float – abandoned, reflecting the never settling chaos and the misery of the human mind. The mystery of the pitch black yonder behind, fakes no imagination – neither Frost’s nor mine,for in the darkness lies the lightest of hearts.
The grief-stricken mind drips memories that toss me into the  peak of agony, drawing me back into all that I struggled to crawl out of.
I look into the mug. Bubbles slithering towards the top, brims and peeks a second or two before I empty the glass through my flaked lips to hit the trance and hallucinate the fairytale scenes that never happened,conscious but paranoid of what is real and what could be real.
The eyelids compel a swoon, beg a slumber and then stick tight like a flytrap’s lamina.
I pass out, under the wounded Luna, who is stuck on an endless loop. Just like me.”
Author :- Maheema Babu
Insta ID:- l.maheema.l

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