best latest classy women qoutes

Latest best classy quotes for girls

Following are the Top 12 best latest classy quotes for girls :-

1. She’s so in love with herself & you’re thinking about making her feel low. It’s impossible.

2.Even the God tells, stay where you are valued.

3. Maturity is when you realise Sundays are more about giving an end to pending tasks instead of hanging out.

4.Once you step out of my life don’t get back because till that time you would become a stranger for me. There’s no second chance.

5.Just because you got a beautiful face, it doesn’t mean that you have a right to play with all the beautiful hearts out there.

6. Don’t worry honey, People who are criticizing you today will be chasing you tomorrow.

7. If they say you don’t deserve them, they are right. They are right because you deserve better than them.

8. Be the girl who doesn’t steal heart but wins heart.

9. She’s beautiful, She’s cute, she’s innocent, she’s kind but she isn’t someone’s property.

10. Just make them busy in criticizing you & get back to your business.

11. Yes, I am a doll but I am neither yours nor you can purchase me.

12. Success is limitless & so your success story is… Don’t get tired so easily.

Author:- Rutu

Insta ID:- @ritz._says