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  1. Babe!
    Don’t be too sweet, sugar crystal dies within second while diamond shine lifelong.

2. Being in frames can be seductive but being in hearts is addictive.

3. Of course expectations are inevitable but choice is yours to whom you allow to enter in your space of peace.

4. Push your limits until your Mondays turned out to be Sundays.

5. Make it crystal clear either black or white, shades of grey are always depressing.

6. Never praise your qualities because things in display need not to be advertised.

7. Waiting for the right time… Naaaa…
Just show your middle finger to life and own your time.

8. Dont feed money, feed knowledge. It will ultimately grow by itself.

9. If you choose shit over self-respect then congratulations you are going to be destroyed.

10. Although it’s very difficult to cry alone but baby you have to learn it because who pretend to be the saviours are actually destroyers.

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