Innocent girl to badass woman

Quiescent-Innocent girl to badass woman

2 a.m sharp,
was crying an innocent girl,
Moon saw the tears,she never revealed worldwide.
She commited a crime,punished for that,
Her crime was owing fake friends,
Jealous of her first step towards success.
Envy was so great,
They used social media against her to defame,
Another crime of her was that she was unknown.
The one she called her girl squad were grudging over her.
Not only on instagram ,
she was publically bodyshamed,
Finally,decided by girl,leave her fake friends aside,
Another crime she did was ignoring her fake mates.
Ignorance,ingnorance,attitude queen ‘nakhro’ she is called,
Ganging up nd bully her was their favourite task.
When she broke her limits,
She was declared the criminal by the judging panel.
May be her actions were wrong,
But she tried to give justice to her soul.
Indian people nd its penal,
Take years to deliver justice.
When people try it,
They are declared criminals.
So happen with the girl,
The girl, at that night ,died
The one who was born was badass woman,
She called herself not the victim but survivor
Ready for the hustle,
making the time turns towards her,
But happily living after leaving fucking pseudo friends.

InstaID :- @_nakhhro_

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