Self mended heart Galvanising the start

Her ❤️ once Warm, delicate & soft as a FEATHER
Now just a flower petal that is about to WITHER !
With struggled steps she walked in Rain
Drenched not by water but by her Pain
As the memories and thought would Crop
Down her cheeks rolls a tear drop
No more is she playful and Dreamy
Realising Life is not cakewalk and Creamy
Gone are the days she Gazed at the Moon
Now She awaits for the sun to rise up Soon
Melodies she used to happily listen & Sing
Is now a Poison causing many bells to ring
No more she hopes or believes in anything
Fa she knows at the end matters Nothing
Moving forward Solely Trusting HIS PLAN
GOD being her Ultimate Superior MAN

Author:-  Poornima
Insta ID @crayonsandbubbles_

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