Dreams to make them Real

Stop trying to impress them. Instead be strong and focus on your Goals.

Ever been in a situation where you need to choose between being alone and being in wrong relation. In fact there doesn’t exist anything like a wrong relationship, it’s just you are trying to fit into a wrong person’s life. Like you try to fail to fit into a dress which is not of your size. It’s that simple to understand.

But it is much more difficult to put that into action. It’s indeed a mere course of action that you must take to give an opportunity for yourself. No matter who the opposite person is, you are, YOUR ULTIMATE PRIORITY. And choosing to be alone is a sign of positivity not a sign of break down.

That course of action would lead to build your self-control. It would help you earn your self-respect and immense freedom. You no more need to look yourself through someone’s perspective. You no fears of being judged or walk to satisfy someone else’s dreams. You don’t need to adopt some kind of ideal character.

Dear, you are beautiful with your own flaws. Learn to embrace them. Let your glittering eyes sparkle with your own dreams working hard enough to make them real. No matter how hard it is to move on or how hard to let go of everything, take a deep breath and enjoy your own company.

You deserve much more from this universe. You deserve true Love, Care, Importance, Loyalty and Priority. Above all you deserve utmost Respect. Work on building your own empire. Work for your dreams. Life is too short to live someone else’s dreams.

Ultimately learn to work on your flaws, make them shine like a golden armour. Let your flaws being forbidden with the shine you attain for yourself. Make yourselves a priority. Spend time with the persons who build positivity and motivates how to sweep off the negative dilemmas.


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