struggles of writers

Struggles Of Writer ~ Relatable

Some days I have many thoughts and other days I am as blank as a white sheet.
Some days my mind process so many thoughts at a time that it gets difficult for me to Jot it down and other days I just sit still, gazing at the open diary with a pen in my hand.

There are days when I get too busy in uploading my thoughts everywhere and then there are days when I just scroll through feeds.
I visit pages of bloggers that I like and get lost in their blogs (well the motive is that). I do this to get new ideas but mostly I end up watching dog videos and consuming all my data.
And some days I HAVE to come up just because the pages I write for, ask for it and we’ll it’s helpful too most of the times.

Author – Shambhavi Rai
Instagram ID – @lovehind_loveblind