The Black Zone

The Black Zone – Stay and slay in your black

Don’t step out in Shorts
What will people say,
Don’t smile while talking to boys
Society consider it as a slay,

No matter sec 377 is now legal
You don’t have any right to be homosexual,
Twenty seven and still unmarried
Too open and frank, not acceptable,

Look her bra strap is peeking out
Sit properly, you are born as a girl,
What if her love handles speaks louder
She has much more inside once unfurl

Cover that blood stain
Don’t you have shame,
Your peers have Audi
For Maruti what will you explain,

Those poisonous words of backbitchers
Really matters for going ahead,
Don’t stop, you are on the right path
Keep your black alive and make them dead.

Author: Sakshi Lamba

Insta ID:- simmilamba_18

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