The Call for lady leader

So dear ladies and ladies there’s a call to fill the scarcity up. What’s that? Lack of women in world of leadership. Yes, you heard it right.

Right from my childhood the examples who’s I was given display male dominance from Gandhiji, Bhagat Singh to mark Zuckerberg. Where are you my ladies. That second and far position is at the back of men who achieved it whom you just followed up.

How long have you heard name of great women personality? May be very rare and of course not upto the examples of Mukesh Ambani, Ratan Tata, bill gates, etc. What about politics, and sports why don’t Sania Mirza and Smriti Irani more popular than Virat Kohli and Narendra Modi?

Where are you?
Infront of mirrors thinking losing your crabs? Crying at 2am for a playboy ? Stalking skinny fashion models and popular girls of your schools or college? Or lying in bed all raw like a fresh meat to satisfy a monster?

Aye girl you are speaking up so much when you don’t know what our situation is shut your mouth
Then say na what is it?
“No family support”
“Orthodox and backward society”
“Parents don’t allow”
“Financial problems”
Blah blah blah blah
Mere excuses that show how undeserving you are, that show how weak you are.
And if you excuse this and simply sit watching a saas bahu serial texting your boyfriend and dreaming for marriage all you should get is sympathy.

Men ain’t wrong to dominate you because they have never showed themselves weak like you did. Maybe they physically stronger but the actual strength to win world is in mind. If you really want to get rid of this then wake up girl show how hard your brain is dominate them now.

Today I promise that my children will never been just given examples of male leaders because in their books women will rule too.

Ending up with myself written poem :
Why to let my crown down?
When I know it’s never my fault.
Am a woman, queen of my world,
Not an attracted, fakeness wearing girl.
Slayed me, my soul,
Destroyed my charm, Exactly
what they thought so.
Was it that easy?
I told myself, off course not, love,
They ignited a new spark in you.
Wake up champ,
Let the world see the worrier in you.
Make those fools regret.
Those evils will burn,
In fire of my sparkle.
Seeing ’em my eyes twinkle,
Oh woman! You alone are sufficient.
These fake men ain’t worthy enough.
Little to live little to do.
Why don’t standalone and
Make a difference?
Lift up yourself, handle your crown.
Show them down, exactly where they stand.

Author :- ~Princy Shah

IG:- @_florangle_


  1. After reading the poem I’m feeling very motivated it something that i was looking for ……thanks for this beatiful artical…….Mansi lakadhara

  2. Very good priyanshi……u ha started a nice chain… a days girls should think like this…..yes, we have to became a leader👌

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