Conditional Life of HER

The Conditional Life of HER- The Agony you shall never understand

When she entered this world so wide,
Her mommy’s arms were there to hide.
Little arms grew strong with time,
As her life went like a rhyme.
Carefree, loving, bright she flew,
Her dream-filled eyes observed everything new.
But this world wasn’t as beautiful as it seemed,
Her ambitions had to be kept on stake
And no fruit of her hardwork reaped.
With time she learned to hide,
Her feelings, emotions, aspirations and pride.
Knowing the consequences she would face,
To unravel her choices and to her disgrace,
The world would judge her every now and then,
Thus she chose to constrain her in a little glen.
She finds her happiness in her family and friends,
However a sense of guilt always blends.
Her undone dreams pained her more,
Her tiny tears spread like pearls on the floor.
Life isn’t easy for a girl she realised,
Expectations, responsibilities, and even chums were monsters disguised.
Spreading Love and her care is for what she’s known,
But deep down she has so much to say, stands unknown.
Freedom to live and to decide, she hadn’t experienced,
For her rights she had never reasoned.
“Do this, do that” is all she encountered,
Not even a pinch of Love she received back that she fostered.
However she stands strong today all empowered,
And no obstacles were left to be towered.
She is known for the smile she lends,
She is the ‘ultimate divinity’ is the message that she sends!

Author – Apeksha Gautam

IG @apekshagautam

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