The Imperfect Woman

The IMPerfect Woman- What the SOCIETY wants you to be!

A woman is an object to play,
Which shall remain silent and contain nothing to say.
Even if you take her dignity away,
She won’t utter a word and to her dismay,
Is left with no other option but to pray.
She is submissive until she’s grey,
Or the essence of womanhood she’d betray!
Her education, career and independence can wait upto any day,
But her marriage can never delay.
These are the principles our society lay,
But a woman isn’t made of clay!
She can slaughter, she can slay,
She is capable to take your manliness away!
But she has her calm until that day,
When the whole world would say,
Every woman is PERFECT in her own way!!!

Author – Apeksha Gautam
IG- @apekshagautam


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