To my future Queens

To my future Queens

Young girls today are always trying to fit in
They think by being like someone else they’ll win
They tend to care what others think
And try and fit into some kind of clique

Everyday they spend hours styling their hair
Hoping that popular girls will care
Or the boy they crush on will see
And hopefully it will make them happy

Nowadays the girls care more about looks
Instead of brains and books
If a girl decides to stay in and read
And not go out and party
Their friends call them lame and a geek
And this damages their self esteem

All this pressure to be the best
Means people forget about the rest
Like the fact that it incurs stress and pain
All this pressure to fit in causes strain

The best way to be is who you are
That’s what makes us all stars
YOur individual quirks and personality
Are what makes you truly happy

So any male or female who disagrees
Means the guy isn’t mean to be
Or the friendship isn’t true
So to those girls who don’t know what to do
Keep being you in every way
And push those negative vibes away

You being you is the best way

Author:-  Ella
Insta Id:- auburnbeauty