Why is marriage the happiest day of a girl’s life?

As women, we are conditioned to believe that we need a partner to survive. The more I talk and try to understand teenage girls,I see them craving to be in a relationship. Just to clarify, I don’t believe there is anything wrong with aspiring to have a partner. However, I truly believe it is a waste of time to center your life trying to find a “Prince Charming-Cinderella”, ”Romeo-Juliet: or “Raj-Simran” type love story. The amount of time girls spend on chasing boys or relationships is surprisingly more than they spend on their education. I truly don’t blame girls. We were never taught differently. Whether it’s because of watching romantic movies, or believing in fairy tales where the result is always the girl finding love.

Our definition of love is Karan Johar movies, Hollywood rom-coms, and princess fairy tales. We are told that we will find love if we change ourselves to look a certain way, and act a certain way. We are taught to be tall, skinny, fair, have long silky hair, keep our opinions hidden behind our saree pallu, be polite, and etc. Little girls shape themselves to fit into this mold gifted to us by the world. They hide their true personalities and passions just to be like them. Why do they do this? So that they can successfully be in a relationship. This can’t be what women aspire for! Now, let’s think. Who wrote this? These stories are written by men, marketed by men, read by men, and spoken by men. No one asks us what we want to be. As children, we were never really exposed to as many empowering, and career-oriented women. We were never taught differently. These experiences indirectly affect our lives. We consider it our life’s sole goal to get married. We lose our sense of individuality and run after finding the picture perfect husband. However, I want to raise a question to all the girls and women out there.

Is getting married really thatnecessary? Do we really need a partner? As the great Zoya Akhtar wrote in her recent TV show, “Made in Heaven”, “Why is marriage the happiest day of a girl’s life? As if nothing else matters..As if our existence has no value of we don’t get married.” I asked an independent and ambitious girl why she was so obsessed with marriage. She replied saying “No matter how much I try to distract myself from the idea of marriage, the topic still circles my brain..I hear wedding songs and bells and come back to square one.” This led me to thinking that no one really teaches millenials the heavy baggage that comes complimentary with marriage. It’s not all happy emojis and romance. The more I think about it, I realize that since day one, we spend our entire existence trying to fulfill the empty gap in ourselves through finding a partner. Can that gap inside us really be fulfilled by a 20-30 year old person? Our community tells us that marriage will solve everything, but that really can’t be true. How can all the questions of my life be answered by one guy? How can all shortcomings in my life be filled by one guy? Due to the societal pressure and our definition of “love”, we give in to this and end up choosing any guy that wants to marry us.

This is what leads to toxic relationships, unhappy marriages, and etc. The worst part of this is the social stigma against divorce. Even when no we are in toxic relationships, we are told to simply deal with it. Dear reader, I want you to do a quick exercise. Take two minutes to simply breathe. Now, imagine your life without a partner. What are you doing? You could be traveling the world! You are reaching heights in your career! You are simply spending time on improving yourself as a person! As the amazing Kate Chopin says “Oh the joy-that kills.”

Author :- Taarini Dang


  1. Sometimes you don’t need a life partner but u need a person who can understand you more than your parents and friends I just need that one person no matter who it is male or female… With whom we can share each and every small thing and that’s enough for not getting a partner…… Till I don’t get anyone of this kind that’s why I am expecting these things from my future partner… Can you give a suggestion on this?

  2. I need a guy with whom I can hustle ,rise and become successful bcoz two is better than one….If I didn’t get him,it’s ok I’ll hustle alone,rise alone and become successful alone

  3. Superb,👌
    Concept is amazing….. 👌👌
    Mrg is not every thing in life of a girl.
    &. This thought process should broken in society……a girl also can have her own life……her own choices……being single is better than being In toxic relationship……..stay happy, stay commited to ur goals…. 😊

  4. I don’t know why but maybe it’s the conditioning done in India through the years and also by looking at my own parents relationship with more of compromise where my mom actually really has to stay just because of her daughter’s future and with the idea of compromising with each other, the thought of marriage scares me alot. No deny I love my parents the most and want to really be successful as I am the only child and by God’s grace have everything to be grateful for which makes me want to do more work harder and gain recognition as an independent and successful girl. I believe my Parents have such unconditional love for me that they have been together and been so there in building me, where also I have taken my own decisions always. But when I look at this society I feel very scared by the thought of marriage though I haven’t reached the age but still I feel very happy at this point of time where I am not searching for any partner rather focusing on my career and being with my family. As a daughter I would want to always be there with my family. By family I mean my parents where I will make them proud and happiest with my accomplishments and also always being available for them. So it is also one of the thought that occurs that do this marriage thing let the girls do all this? I know I can and I will and I won’t let marriage be a hurdle in anything that I want to do in life. Be it taking decisions or fulfilling all those aspirations. The thing that matters the most in my life is my Parents keeping them happiest and my career working on myself in order to improve.

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