Woman of my own kind

Woman of my own kind

I can move mountains
If I will
I m capable enough
To pay my bills

I can look after myself
And deal stuffs on my own
You think I need you?
Well, that’s a good joke

You see a side of me
And think you know me well
Jokes on you cause you cant see my eyes
Where I hold the whole universe in them

I m a woman
Strong and bold
Well, you cant even carry half an amount
Of what my heart holds

I smile, I cry and I pray,
I work hard too,
But I don’t go and brag about it,
Because I don’t like showing off like you do,

Life is a little hard on us,
But we don’t complain about it,
Instead we flash,
And try to flaunt it.

Beautiful and delicate,
Powerful and courageous,
Special and rare,
Alluring and smart,
Generous at heart,
These are the things,
That a woman holds in her soul.

No female is same,
Each holds a different name,
You can see it too,
Only if you show efforts to know.

Too blind to see
Too immature not to care
Haha little munchkin, guess what?
I don’t fucking care

Author :- Sanaa Shaikh

IG:- @miss_complicatedxo

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